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“Melodrama” is thick with ideas, both musical and lyrically, and there’s more for listeners to digest with each listen. That’s one of the reasons why this album should age very well, to the point where — I truly believe — people will one day refer to it as an outright masterpiece. That hypothesis was only strengthened by hearing how well these new songs – such as “Louvre” and “Sober II (Melodrama)” — translated in the live arena.

— Jim Harrington (@jimthecritic) March 14, 2018, She had a few backing dancers, who brought a modern dance/performance art feel to some of the slip on ballet white converse low top bridal lace bride custom w/ swarovski crystal chuck taylors rhinestone all star wedding sn numbers, There was also one cool prop — a big glass box — which Lorde and the dancers would sometimes enter for melodramatic effect, There was even some video screens that would occasionally flicker on, And let’s not forget the accompanying musicians, who were slightly visible in the shadows at the back of the stage, Yet, Lorde was such a wholly compelling performer that it was hard to pay attention to anything else happening, She just dominated our attention and fascination during each and every moment of the concert..

The alt-pop star, who sounds very little like Kelly Clarkson, Pink, Demi Lovato or other vocalists routinely heard on mainstream radio, enthralled when she sang, of course. But she was also quite engaging when she just spoke to the audience, recalling past Bay Area performances — especially her 2014 show at the beautiful Greek Theatre in Berkeley — as well as marveling at the size of the venue she was playing on Tuesday night. “Do the Warriors play here?” she asked. Yet, this not actually the first time Lorde played Oracle arena. Her first appearance came as part of the famed Not So Silent Night concerts in 2013, hosted by radio station Live 105 (now known as Alt 105.3). She was the best part of a bill that also included Arcade Fire, Queens of the Stone Age, Alt-J, Vampire Weekend and Phoenix.

Just like during her first show at the venue, fans loved hearing Lorde perform the well-known material from the first album, such as “Tennis Court” and, of course, “Royals.”, — Jim Harrington (@jimthecritic) March 14, 2018, And it was pretty cool to hear her add a couple of covers into the mix on Tuesday — Frank Ocean’s “Solo” and Disclosure’s “Magnets.”, — Jim Harrington slip on ballet white converse low top bridal lace bride custom w/ swarovski crystal chuck taylors rhinestone all star wedding sn (@jimthecritic) March 14, 2018, — Jim Harrington (@jimthecritic) March 14, 2018..

Yet, the best material of this concert came from the new album. In particular, Lorde absolutely wowed with her strong, versatile and emotional vocal work on the sparse and intimate “Writer in the Dark” and “Liability.”. She’d end the main set on an upbeat note, as she unleashed the rocking “Green Light,” which was one of last year’s best singles, despite what its sales figures would have you believe. “I need you to dance. I need you to sing. I need you to give me everything,” Lorde said leading into “Green Light.” “Can you do that?”.

What do you want to do when you visit slip on ballet white converse low top bridal lace bride custom w/ swarovski crystal chuck taylors rhinestone all star wedding sn Disneyland or any other theme park? Go on rides? Eat? Meet characters? Whichever of these reasons you think is luring you to the parks, there’s a strong chance that something else is steering you there, instead, Disney invited me to spend some time with its Imagineers and park managers over the weekend, to talk about the new Pixar-themed attractions that the company is debuting this spring and summer at Disneyland and Walt Disney World, I’ve spoken to many theme park designers over the years, and it always fascinates me how much more attention they seem to give to what visitors are feeling or thinking over what they’re actually doing while in the park..

This might seem backward. After all, visiting a theme park is supposed to be an activity. It’s not like sitting at home watching TV, reading a book, or even going out to a movie. Theme parks are something you do, not watch. You don’t have to think about them. But doing a park isn’t a chore like doing the dishes or cleaning the garage. (At least, it shouldn’t be.) No one is forcing you to go. So if theme parks are going to entice people not just to come to the parks, but to want to spend a whole lot of money to do so, their designers need to find a way to make people crave those trips and want to come back again and again.

That means designing to trigger people’s emotions, Anyone with the money can buy a roller coaster or spinner ride and set it up in a parking lot, Disney and Universal make billions at their theme parks because they’ve elevated what some might dismiss as carnivals into emotional playgrounds, I suppose this isn’t much different slip on ballet white converse low top bridal lace bride custom w/ swarovski crystal chuck taylors rhinestone all star wedding sn from other forms of entertainment, No great author sets out to “write a book.” You want to tell a story and engage your readers, The medium isn’t the message, It’s just another tool to trigger a desired emotional response from people you want to become satisfied customers and loyal fans..

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