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This is a machine embroidery design digital pattern/file to be used with your embroidery machine. This is a digital download of the image listed here.***This is not a patch. It is Digital file. You must have an embroidery machine to work with these files.***SizesHoop Size - 4" X 4"Stitch Height X Width - 3.15 " X 3.15"Stitch Height X Width - 80.01 mm X 80.01 mm Stitch Count - 8135***Formats - ART, DST, EXP, HUS, PCS, PEC, PES, SEW, XXX ***1. Pink2. Dark Pink3. Blue4. Text ***PDF file(s) with the stitch and colors data is attached along with the design files and is available for instant download after purchase.***©Copyright 2017 by Grand Slam Designs.You may use our designs to make finished items for personal use, gifts and finished products you sell.You may NOT, under ANY circumstances share, copy, trade, exchange, or resell this design in part or whole in ANY format. Reselling this digital design is against the law.All Designs listed and shown are copyright of Grand Slam Designs.Grand Slam Designs cannot be held responsible for the quality of any design that has been edited or altered in anyway. We strongly suggest you sew a sample of a scrap of fabric or the same or similar type before embroidering on the final product.Grand Slam Designs will not be held liable for any monetary losses or consequential damages as a result of using this design.

“I thought I needed more time, but I don’t,” said Cramer, who was expected to wait a week to decide. “Rather than accepting full responsibility and remorse,” Almena deflected responsibility, he said. Cramer said he “can’t get away from” a letter of about 30 pages that Almena wrote in his probation report, which convinced him of Almena’s lack of remorse because it shifted blame to others and did not acknowledge responsibility . “There are those crippled with hate and ridicule. Those who will never recognize me and my family as a victim. I’m a victim and a witness,” Cramer read aloud from Almena’s letter.

The plea bargain had called for Almena to serve nine years and Harris six after pleading no contest to 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter, With time served and good behavior, Almena could have gotten out in three and a half years and Harris in two, Cramer, who seemed to struggle with the decision and at times took long pauses, said he believed Harris’ term was fair because he had expressed dance ballet slippers - machine embroidery design remorse, But because the agreement was a “packaged deal,” he had to reject the terms for both, At that point some family members cheered and clapped, The aunt of one victim covered her mouth as she gasped and wept..

Harris’ attorney, Tyler Smith, said his client could enter a separate plea with the judge again seeking the six years. “It’s not a sure thing, but we’re confident he’ll get the same sentence,” Smith said. Almena’s attorney, Tony Serra, called the rejection “totally unexpected.” He said part of the reason a previous judge accepted the plea deal was because there were holes in the prosecution’s case. “We’re not here dismayed, overwhelmed, angry; we’re not frustrated. What I do my friends, is I do trials,” Serra said.

Earlier Friday, following an emotional hearing the day before in which families of the deceased spoke about how deeply the loss of their loved ones affected them, Almena, the master tenant of the Ghost Ship warehouse in Oakland, and Harris, its creative director, addressed the court, Almena stood up and told the families he should have perished with them, “I should have died that night, It would have been an honor to try and save your families’ souls,” Almena said. “I’m guilty, I’m guilty for believing we were safe.” He and his family stayed in an Oakland hotel that night when a dance party inside the dance ballet slippers - machine embroidery design warehouse went so wrong, “If I could give each of you my life, and my children’s lives, I would.”..

When he said that, Almena’s wife, Micah Allison, who was sitting with their 14-year-old daughter in the courtroom, visibly shook her head. Family members found that statement particularly egregious, prosecutor Autrey James told the court Friday. “To them, that was the most offensive thing they heard.”. He said every family member he spoke with was not satisfied with the plea deal. Harris, dressed in red-and-white striped jail clothes, his long hair pulled back, apologized repeatedly but acknowledged that “words are empty.”.

“I am so deeply sorry for my actions, inactions, lack of awareness and foresight that contributed to this tragedy,” Harris said, He also said he could not ask the families to forgive him, “I don’t expect forgiveness, I wouldn’t ask for that, I know nothing I can say will come close, I’m sorry,” Harris said, Since the fire, Harris said he has been praying for the victims and their families constantly, Almena’s 14-year-old daughter also spoke, In defending her father, she said the warehouse was a safe place where she and her dance ballet slippers - machine embroidery design two younger siblings lived..

“But that’s not my place,” she said. She told the court she got ready for school inside the warehouse, brushed her teeth and ate dinner there for three years. “It was where my father wanted to raise his children in an environment that harbored love and beauty,” said the girl, the oldest of Almena’s three children. The girl said her father is not a selfish person but caring and compassionate. She too apologized to the victims’ families. Several people wrote or had statements read into the record on behalf of Harris, including his mother and aunt. Smith, the attorney, read one from Carmen Brito, who lived at the Ghost Ship and escaped the flames. Brito said that as she ran out, Harris ran toward the fire, yelling for people to get out, saving at least 12 people.

Ever wonder why your dog sometimes seems to go a little nuts, racing around the house or yard with a huge smile on his muzzle? If you were worried about this behavior, don’t be, It’s normal in dogs, In popular terms, it’s called “the zoomies.” In technical parlance, it’s Frenetic Random Activity Periods, or FRAP for short, It’s more common in puppies and young dogs, but even our old pals can get a case of dance ballet slippers - machine embroidery design the zoomies if the mood strikes, Experts aren’t really sure why dogs do it, but they know the triggers, Dogs often get the zoomies when they are very happy and bursting with energy, It would be akin, in humans, to winning the lottery and doing a major happy dance, You just can’t stop those happy feet..

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