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Ballet Prints -- a black and white ballet photo of discarded pointe shoes by Lynn Langmade -- A beautiful photograph of discarded pointe shoes after a dance. It appears as if it is the final act. This photo would make a wonderful art for a ballerina or dance themed room.•♥•-- SAVE --•♥• when you buy 3 or more prints! Go here: •♥• MORE BALLET PHOTOS: •♥• •♥• MORE BLACK & WHITE PHOTOS: •♥• TITLE AND ARTIST NAME PRINTED ON BACK**Mat and frame not included**TITLE: "Final Act"SIZE: 5x7, 8x10, 8x12, 11x14, 16x20, 16x24, 20x30, 24x36 [Select using drop-down menu.]------------------- •♥•-- ABOUT ME --•♥•-------------------Hi and Welcome to my Shop! My name is Lynn and I’m a self-taught photographer who is passionate photography, especially black and white, Paris, and beach photography :) Read more about me and my philosophy here: •♥•-- PRINT CROPPING --•♥•-------------------Most photos in my shop are listed at an 8x12 (2x3) or 8x10 (4x5) cropping ratio. The cropping ratio not only indicates the size of the print, but also how much of the image is included in the final print. The first image in each listing shows the original cropping ratio available in 8x12 or 8x10. I've included other cropping ratios in each listing so you can see how it looks at a larger size on a wall or room. (zoom in for a closer look) ***Remember that photos printed at 5x7 and 11x14 will look slightly different.------------------- •♥•-- CUSTOM SIZES & PRINT STYLES --•♥•-------------------I offer most of my prints in a wide variety of sizes - from as small as 4x6 to as large as 30x45. I also offer my photographs as canvas gallery wraps or metal prints. Please select the "Custom Order" option if you would like a size or print style not offered in this listing.------------------- •♥•-- CUSTOM FRAMING --•♥•-------------------Custom framing is also available from my personal website: Simply purchase a photo from my personal website and then select a frame style at check out in your shopping cart.•♥• MORE SAN FRANCISCO PHOTOS: •♥••♥• MORE TRAVEL PHOTOS: •♥•------------------- •♥•-- Get In Touch --•♥•-------------------VISIT MY SHOP: To see my entire line of prints and other items: MY WEBSITE: To see my full collection of photos, including those not on Etsy: ME ON PINTEREST: ME ON TWITTER: ME ON FACEBOOK: •♥•-- PRINTING --•♥•-------------------This photograph is printed by a professional lab on premium quality, archival paper with a luster finish ensuring rich color and sharp detail. My name and the composition title will appear on the back. It will be shipped in a sturdy photo mailer to ensure its safe arrival to you.------------------- •♥•-- SHIPPING --•♥•-------------------Ships within 1-3 business days and often much quicker. Same day or next day shipping is available if you want it really quickly-- just select priority shipping upgrade upon check out or send a convo to inquire about special shipping requests.------------------- •♥•-- SATISFACTION --•♥•-------------------There are many photos at Lynn Langmade Photography, but there is only one you. I am seriously committed to your satisfaction. Please contact me immediately upon receipt of your order if you are not completely over-the-moon in-love with the photo(s) you ordered. (It’s never happened, by the way, but we want to make sure you know our commitment to you). If you aren't happy with your order, you can return it for a refund (less shipping costs) within 30 days.------------------- •♥•-- SHOP by COLOR --•♥•-------------------GREEN PHOTOS: PHOTOS: PHOTOS: PHOTOS: PHOTOS: PHOTOS: PHOTOS: PHOTOS: PHOTOS: PHOTOS: PHOTOS: PHOTOS: •♥•-- SHOP BY SUBJECT --•♥•-------------------JELLYFISH PHOTOS: Click here PHOTOS: Click here PHOTOS: Click here PHOTOS: Click here PHOTOS: PHOTOS: •♥•-- SHOP BY LOCATION --•♥•-------------------PARIS PHOTOS: PHOTOS: PHOTOS: PHOTOS: FRANCISCO PHOTOS: PHOTOS: PHOTOS: •♥•-- SHOP BY SEASON --•♥•-------------------SPRING PHOTOS: Click here PHOTOS: Click here PHOTOS: Click here PHOTOS: Click here •♥•-- SHOP BY HOLIDAY --•♥•-------------------VALENTINE DECOR: Click here DECOR: Click here DÉCOR: DÉCOR: •♥•-- SHOP BY PRINT TYPE --•♥•-------------------PRINT SETS: PRINTS: PRINTS:

“Definitely a controversial call,” Calhoon said. “But I’ll see her at state.”. “Evelyn goes in there with a mission,” Hoang said. “You can tell through her wrestling that she has a goal and the audience knows it. She’s attacking, she looked for angles, she looked for positions.”. M-A junior Angie Bautista, who just missed out on state last year after a fourth-place finish, valiantly fought for a shot at the CCS title at 126 pounds down a point with 47.9 seconds left. “During that match I was just having fun,” said Bautista, the runner-up after a 7-6 decision. “My main goal wasn’t to win, it was just to have fun and try my best.”.

DEAR CAROLYN: My husband and I have planned a vacation in a few months that includes spending several days with his parents, I love his parents, In the 10 years we’ve been together, they’ve been nothing but pleasant, That is, until about two years ago when they both retired, giving them way too much time to spend watching the news and on social media, My mother-in-law spends all day on Facebook, Both have become very vocal ballet prints - pointe shoes black and white 8x10 photo 11x14 large wall art 16x20 ballet art 5x7 ballerina dance photography &q in their political beliefs, which are on the opposite end from where my husband and I sit..

We are going to be spending at least three, possibly more, days in their home on this trip. I would shorten it, but my husband only gets to see them once a year. A hotel room is not an option as the small town they live in doesn’t have one and the closest are too far away to be practical. I combated the political talk on our last visit with a “no politics” rule, which mostly worked. But they’ve only gotten worse since then. My husband can’t have a 20-minute phone conversation with his mom without it turning to politics. It’s all she has to talk about.

I know this trip is months out, but I’m already starting to stress about it, Any suggestions will be helpful, DEAR PRISONER: I’m sorry, I think ballet prints - pointe shoes black and white 8x10 photo 11x14 large wall art 16x20 ballet art 5x7 ballerina dance photography &q we all can relate at this point, But: By dwelling on this now, you’ve extended an uncomfortable several days into months of stress, No matter how bad it is, it’s just a few days, and will end, Even if your means of coping is to stand in the middle of the room and yell STOP IT STOP IT STOP IT until the gathering descends into total mayhem, it’s just a few days, and will end..

It will be fine. You will be fine. Maybe miserable for a while, but fine. So you have two options for handling the trip in a rational manner: Either put off thinking about it until you actually embark on the visit, figuring you’ll just tough it out — or spend a day or so discussing a few strategies with your husband now so you don’t have to think about it anymore. “I’m stressing about this. I want to make a plan early so I can be free not to think about it again.”.

May I suggest, Whatever you decide, just decide, Torturing yourself for months now over a few days then just defies logic and wears you down, And as with anything stressful, try finding a positive side, too, even in a small way — like with your in-laws, Where do you agree? Or tune up your coping skills, What calms you: good books, movies, ballet prints - pointe shoes black and white 8x10 photo 11x14 large wall art 16x20 ballet art 5x7 ballerina dance photography &q music, dance, exercise, friends, comedy, yoga, meditation, good deeds? Why just get by when you can get better, DEAR CAROLYN, Re: Prisoner, Would it be better if his parents were pestering you about having children?..

Related ArticlesPhotos: Justin Timberlake performs at Super Bowl LII halftime showKevin Hart’s excuse for bad Super Bowl behavior: ‘I was super drunk’The poor kid. Here he was, having a good ol’ time at last night’s Super Bowl Game, enjoying the half-time show, when singer Justin Timberlake had to drop by and ruin his life. In the brief exchange between the crooner and a guy now known forever as “The Super Bowl selfie kid,” an embarrassing legacy of Biblical proportions was launched. As Timberlake kept pressing the kid – later identified as 13-year-old Ryan McKenna – to take a selfie of the two of them in the middle of a song-and-dance number, the poor guy fumbled with his phone while millions of viewers looked on, cringing.

In the wake of that moment, a million memes were born online, many of them making fun of the kid for, well, for not having his act together, Check some of the jokes, including ballet prints - pointe shoes black and white 8x10 photo 11x14 large wall art 16x20 ballet art 5x7 ballerina dance photography &q some that imagine what McKenna was so intently typing into his phone, — MTK (@MTKcastlerock) February 5, 2018, — David Valentin.

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